In Search Of Mature Males

If  you have any of the following penultimate or mature males contact us paladinexoticssales@gmail.com  


50/50 Loan, Trade, or Sale 


Aphonopelma seemani White and Blue Form

Aphonopelma chalcodes

Cyriopagopus lividus Normal and Green Femur

Cyriopagopus vonwirthi

Cyriopagopus longipes

Cyriopagopus minax

Ephebopus uatuman

Ephebopus murinus

Heterothele villosella

Neoholothele incei

Phormictopus Cancerides

Phormictopus Sp Green

Phormictopus Sp Green Gold Carapace

Poecilotheria regalis

Poecilotheria tigrinawesseli



We are still shipping overnight and 2 day with LAG.

See Shipping details page for LAG policy.

Upcoming Shows & Expos


 Show Me Snakes Reptile & Exotics Shows


One of the largest and fastest growing Reptile & Exotics Show  in the midwest where Paladin  Exotics got its start. We vend every Show Me Snakes Show so come see us in person!

Home of Tarantula Takeover once every year.

Saturday January 2 & 3 Nashville Tennessee Supershow

Sunday January 10 Tulsa OK

Sunday January 17 Janesville Wisconsin

Sunday January 24 Kansas City MO

Sunday February 7 Davenport Iowa

Sunday February 21 St Louis

Saturday February 27 & 28 Springfield, MO Supershow

Sunday March 7 Janesville Wisconsin

Saturday March 13 & 14 Grovetown Georgia

Sunday March 14 Kansas City MO

Saturday March 27 Paducah Kentucky

Sunday April 4 Nashville TN

Sunday April 11 St Louis

Sunday April 25 Davenport Iowa

Sunday May 8 Tulsa OK

Sunday May 16 St Louis Tarantula Takeover

Sunday May 23 Janesville Wisconsin

Saturday June 5 Springfield MO

Saturday June 12 Paducah Kentucky

Sunday June 27 Davenport Iowa

Sunday July 11 Kansas City MO

Sunday July 25 Janesville Wisconsin

Saturday July 17 & 18 St Louis Supershow

Saturday August 14 Springfield MO

Saturday August 21 Paducah Kentucky

Sunday September 4 Tulsa OK Sunday

September 12 St Louis

Sunday September 26 Davenport Iowa

Sunday October 24 St Louis

Sunday October 31 Janesville Wisconsin

Saturday November 13 Springfield MO

Sunday November 14 Kansas City MO

Saturday November 20 Paducah Kentucky

Sunday November 27 Tulsa OK

Sunday December 5 St Louis

Sunday December 12 Davenport Iowa

About Us

Paladin Exotics started in St. Louis at  the Show Me Snakes Reptile & Exotics Show. We worked with  breeders and vendors  to learn exactly what tarantula keepers need and expect from a vendor.

-We learned the importance  of ethics and loyalty by listening to  our customers and working with trusted sellers & breeders


Paladin Exotics formed from a love for the tarantula hobby as a whole.

We have never felt more welcomed or appreciated by a group of people like we have from our fellow tarantula keepers.

Thank  you for doing your part in supporting the hobby!


Photos from N.A.R.B.C. St. Louis (left) and Show Me Snakes Show (right)