In Search Of Mature Males

If  you have any of the following penultimate or mature males contact us via email at paladinexoticssales@gmail.com  


50/50 Loan, Trade, or Sale 

-Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens

-Cyriopagopus lividus

-Davus pentaloris

-Ephebopus murinus

-Ephebopus uatuman

-Grammostola pulchra

-Pterinochilus murinus orange color form

-Haplocosmia himalayana

-Neoholothele incei olive

-Phormictopus  cancerides

-Grammostola pulchripes

-Heterothele villosella

-psalmopoeus pulcher

Upcoming Shows & Expos


 Show Me Snakes Reptile & Exotics Shows


One of the largest and fastest growing Reptile & Exotics Show  in the midwest where Paladin  Exotics got its start. We vend every Show Me Snakes Show so come see us in person!

Home of Tarantula Takeover once every year.

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About Us

Paladin Exotics got its start in St. Louis, Missouri in 2017 at the Show Me Snakes Reptile & Exotics Show. We started out with just one miserable looking table with a couple of dozen tarantulas and some carnivorous plants. Vending the Show Me Shows gave us the opportunity to work with local breeders and vendors to learn exactly what tarantula keepers need and expect from a vendor. 

Eventually we expanded to shows in 8 states all around the midwest. Over the years we have educated thousands of people about tarantulas and have had the honor of placing hundreds of new keepers with their first tarantula.

Our reputation has spread all across the country and we have become the Midwest's largest and most trusted source for tarantulas, scorpions, & exotic inverts.


Paladin Exotics formed from a love for the tarantula hobby as a whole.

We have never felt more welcomed or appreciated by a group of people like we have from our fellow tarantula keepers.

Thank  you for doing your part in supporting the hobby!