Shipping/L.A.G. Policy

Shipping Methods:

1. FedEx Priority Overnight (Tarantulas)

2. FedEx Standard Overnight (Tarantulas)

3. FedEx 2-Day (Tarantulas)

4. USPS Priority Express 1-2 Day (No T's)

5. USPS Priority 2-3 Day (No Tarantulas)

6. Local Pickup or Add To Previous Order


-We have multiple Fedex shipping options that should be used for all orders that include tarantulas or scorpions. Venomous animals are not permitted to be shipped via USPS.

-100% of our Live Animal orders ship with Live Arrival Guarantee in case of any carrier delay or DOA. (Dead On Arrival)

Supplies Shipping

-Supplies, tools, accessories, and non living items may ship separately from any tarantulas & scorpions.

-If purchasing supply items with T's or scorpions, the “Supplies Shipping” item must also be purchased.


USPS Shipping

-USPS shipping options are available only for supplies, plants, isopods, and other non-venomous invertebrates. 

-Please select the correct shipping option at checkout to avoid  the hassle of having your order canceled and having to reorder using Tarantula Safe Shipping. 

-Shipping tarantulas via USPS is illegal and shipping tarantulas via USPS puts the entire hobby at risk of being legislated out of existence.

-NO L.A.G. for USPS shipping until further notice. FedEx shipping is recommended in order to maintain L.A.G.


Shipping Days

-Orders ship on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. 

-Orders placed after 12 PM on Wednesday will usually ship Wednesday but may be shipped the following Monday in rare cases


Weather/Temperature advisory
-All of our orders are shipped in Styrofoam insulated boxes with a heat/cold pack when necessary.

-If temperatures are dangerously high/low customers can request to have their order held for pickup at their local FedEx facility. 

We rely on customers to be aware of weather in their area before ordering. 

We will not have an order held for pickup at a FedEx facility unless specifically requested.


  • Any cases of D.O.A. (dead on arrival) should be reported to within 4 hours of delivery.

  • If High/Low temperatures in local delivery area are above 85 or below 40 degrees, customer must request for order to be held for pickup at local FedEx Facility. (BE AWARE OF YOUR LOCAL WEATHER WHEN PLACING ORDER)

  • If delivering to home, delivery must be accepted on first delivery attempt (Not left on porch)

  • Photos of animal's head/carapace punctured with needle or tack to prove D.O.A.

  • In rare cases, we may ask that you ship DOA animal back to us immediately for verification. (We will provide shipping label)

  • D.O.A. will be reimbursed as a credit towards future orders. Shipping fees are not included.